PVH is different by design. Our work is much more than real estate. Our work is your life, your dreams, and building your legacy. We will be the catalyst for change in real estate by revolutionizing the way the industry does business and serves others.

Our Strategy:

To use the industry best practices to achieve quality work at less cost. We have adopted the (3) three business approach as follows:

Corporate Strategy: To be very efficient and effective in applying stakeholder investments to guarantee return on their investments. The company believes that the best practice to have stakeholder confidence is to apply the best approach in ensuring that investments made in the business is paid back the quickest possible way. We can proudly say that: Obtaining returns on investments on our building construction has been effective and forthcoming.

Business Strategy: We implement a very effective Off-Plan sales policy to achieve quicker returns on our investments. What keeps working for our business of housing construction has been our ability to sell the homes we build in advance. We are able to sell our houses even at the foundation stage and sometimes even before the ground breaking works starts. Our effective implementation of Off-Plan Sales Policy which comes with a comparatively cheaper option to buy, has always brought quicker returns on our investments.

Operational Strategy: Our operations revolve using well trained, skilful and highly motivated personnel to achieve efficiency in execution of work: Our own in-house study has shown beyond every reasonable doubt that, sub-contracting or contracting third parties increases the cost of construction by over 45%. To save that huge cost, Priority View Homes has its own trained and skilful in house personnel with the required expertise to be efficient in construction which enables us make huge savings.
To achieve this, we adhere to stricter supervision and checks & balances at every stage of construction; adopting modern supervision rules and technology for safety protocols.
We have built strong & good standing partnership relations with our suppliers for good terms of credits at no extra cost. This enables us to avoid borrowing from the bank at a higher interest rate.